Govt reviews the plans to add surveyor as its limit coal export

Rabu, 01 Februari 2012 | 09:52

The government is reviewing the addition of surveyor for coal verification, following the plan to restrict coal export to 5,700 KKal per Kg as of 2014.The senior bureaucrats in charge of supervising coal export Toto Rusbianto admitted several companies are applying to become surveyor.

“Several companies apply as surveyor but we will examine the requirement first. Then we will decide whether it’s necessary or not to add surveyor since the performance of several surveyors from the current 10 surveyors is declining,” he told Bisnis over the weekend.

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources plans to issue decree about the increase of added value in mineral and coal. It still discusses the plan to limit the coal export to 5,700 KKal/Kg in minimum.

Ministry of Trade is poised to supervise the restriction of coal export that will be applied by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. It will conduct tight supervision toward the verification of calorie level on the coal that will be exported.

Based on the Trade Ministry Decree No.14/M-DAG/PER/5/2008 on Verification or Technical Search on the Export of Certain Mining Products, the export of certain mining products is obligate to be verified or undergo technical search before loading.

Such verification is conducted by surveyor that meets the requirements set by the Minister of Trade. There are currently 10 surveyors, consisting of 2 state-owned companies and 8 private companies.

According to article 4, Minister of Trade determines the surveyor that meets certain requirements. First, it should own a business permit as surveyor.

Second, it has at least 3 years experience as surveyor of mining products. Third requirement is that the company must have experts and complete equipments as well as laboratory in the region corresponding to the scope of their duties.

However, several surveyors from the existing 10 surveyors don’t have their own laboratory since they still use cooperation mechanism. (t06/msw)

By Vega Aulia Pradipta