Jambi mulling moratorium on coal mining permits

Jumat, 24 Februari 2012 | 13:46

Jambi`s provincial government is to impose a moratorium on coal mining permits as a measure to stop the degradation of roads by coal transport vehicles, the region`s top government official said."We will soon convene all district chiefs and city mayors from throughout Jambi to discuss the moratorium plan," Jambi Governor Hasan Basri Agus said here Thursday.

Since coal mining companies began operating in Jambi their coal carrying trucks had been damaging the roads they routinely passed through, he said.

The damage done to the roads by the coal trucks was "very detrimental" to the community as well as the administration, he said.

Companies already possessing mining permit would not be affected by the moratorium but they would be requested to build their own roads for coal transportation, he said.

Many coal companies were now operating in Sarolangun, Batanghari and Muarojambi and they would eventually have to build special roads to transport their coal to ports for shipment to consumers, he said.  (*)

Source http://www.antaranews.com