Govt to import cane seed

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012 | 12:25

Ministry of Agriculture claimed most of seeds and plant seeds can be produced domestically but it’s reviewing cane seeds for import possibility to achieve sugar yield over 10%.Deputy Minister of Agriculture said several seeds of food commodity are still imported. However, he expects the dependency on seeds import will continue to decline in the future.

“If the rice [seedling] is completed, we can produce our own seed, the future seed from the commodity. If the seedling is successful, it means we are successful with the commodity,” he said over the weekend.

The ministry is reviewing the possibility to import cane seeds. “We are working on sugar cane. We can import cane seeds with yield over 10% from Latin America.” (t06/msw)

By Sepudin Zuhri, Arsyad Paripurna