Local Salt Price Drops by 17 Percent

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012 | 08:54

Salt farmers are feeling the impact of salt imports as prices have dropped by 17 percent to Rp1,000 per kilogram. “Prices have fallen since imported salt entered Surabaya,” a farmer in Makassar, Abdul Aziz, told Tempo yesterday.He urged the government to postpone salt imports this year because there is still 5,000 tons of salt supply in his province. A salt supplier in Makassar, PT Eka Sari, said Aziz, still has 100,000 bags of salt stored in a warehouse. “The supply is estimated to last until October,” he said.

The stock, he said, would also affect prices during the harvest season. “The price could drop to Rp20,000 per bag or Rp400 per kg,” said Aziz. During the great harvest, salt production in South Sulawesi increases by 50 percent. Last year, salt production from Takalar, Jeneponto and Pangkajene reached 100,000 tons. “It could reach 150,000 tons in August,” he added.

Last week local trade director general Deddy Saleh announced the government’s plan to issue a salt import permit of 500,000 tons this month. The permit will only be given until a month before the great salt harvest in 2012.

Salt farmers in West Nusa Tenggara have also rejected the import plan. Farmers’ representative Nukman said that when Indian salt was imported, salt prices in his area dropped to Rp3,000- Rp4,000 per bag. “We’re worried about imported salt entering the area again,” he said.

Source http://www.tempointeractive.com/