Gov’t implements moratorium on fisheries to reduce over fishing

Selasa, 31 Januari 2012 | 09:51

The government is still implementing a moratorium of fisheries with open close permit alternately, to reduce the exploitation on over fishing.General Directorate of Fisheries at Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Dedy H. Sutisna confirmed the increase of fisheries output was not too high or it is only between 1.2% and 5.0% since it has been over fishing and damages sea environment.

“We have recovery program for fishing which done by improving the environment. We also conduct moratorium of fishing license for fishing ground which has been over exploited, thus there will be no the additional new license as now it is still rotated,” he said amid the handing over of aid for fishermen in Riau Islands last week

He said in Batam the license has been full, then the moratorium is done and the government will not give any license.

Based on the regulation of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries No. PER.27/MEN/2009 about the Registration and Designation of Fishing Ship, every fishing ship has to hold an ownership license in form of fishing ship book (BKP)

General Directorate of Fisheries gave BKP for ship which bigger than 30 GT, while the governor gave license for 10 GT and 30GT ship and regent as well as major has provided license for ship smaller than 10 GT.

The realization of license until October 2011, the central government has issued 1,306 BKPs, while provincial and regency government has not yet issued any BKP.

The production of fisheries last year was 4.8 million tons. The government targeted fisheries production this year at 5 million tons.

As an effort to reduce illegal fishing, then the government made a regulation for every fisheries ship to drop fish in Indonesia. And every region will only have one fisheries company which has license to drop fish. (k17) (T03/msw)

Oleh Sepudin Zuhri