Plantation Exports in High Demand

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012 | 08:59

The Agriculture Ministry’s plantation directorate general has targeted the plantation export volume to increase to US$44.08 billion this year. “We expect our export volume to increase every year,” said director-general, Gamal Nasir, yesterday.Last year, the export value was $35.72 billion, higher than the 2010 total of $27.35 billion. Nevertheless, the result last year was lower than the 2011 Plantation Development Strategic Plan set by the government, which was $37.52 billion.

The increased target was based on the absorption of Indonesia’s plantation exports, which performed well on global markets. “The demand for plantation products is still high,” said Gamal. He estimated that Europe’s economy would improve and increase demand in plantation products.

The government is currently studying the possibilities of exporting production to China, India and Pakistan. “Their demand is high but Malaysia is their only supplier,” said Gamar. He said that if Indonesia could build the market in the three countries, plantation exports would increase. RAFIKA