Rice Production Drops by 30 Percent

Kamis, 05 Januari 2012 | 09:14

Bantul Agriculture and Forestry Office chief Edy Suharyanta estimates that rice production in the area will drop by 30 percent this year as many rice fields have been flooded. The rain last weekend inundated 824 ha of agricultural lands. “Around 90 percent of that area was rice fields,” he said yesterday. Most of the plants were only a month old.He said the financial losses reached Rp3.38 billion. “Farmers need fertilizers and seeds,” added Edy.

Meanwhile in the fishery sector, the local maritime and fishery office chief, Edy Machmud Hidayat said the total financial losses in terms of freshwater fish cultivation would reach Rp323.7 million.

The fish cultivation groups’ data in 17 sub districts in Bantul said they lost Rp438 million as many of their fish were destroyed in the flood.

Source : http://www.tempointeractive.com/