Objection Procedure


An Applicant may form a complaint if there is found as follows:

  • Rejection of the request as stipulated within article 17 of Law Number 14 Year 2008
  • The Unavailability of periodic information as stipulated in article 9 of Law Number 14 Year 2008
  • Not recognizing the request for information. The request for information is deemed to have not fulfill the set requirements.
  • The non fulfilment of the request.
  • Imposition of unreasonable charges
  • The conveying of information which exceeds the set time limit.

Complaints are proposed within the time frame of latest 30 (thirty) working days and is addressed to the Head of the Corporate Secretary Division. Response of the Information and Documentation Management Officer superior regarding the applicants complaint of public information will be given the latest 30 (thirty) working days upon receival of the written complaint.