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Code of Conduct Guidelines

1. Work ethics between fellow SUCOFINDO

Personnel Work ethics between fellow SUCOFINDO Personnel shall be implemented by:

  1. Working in a professional, cost-aware and risk- aware manner to produce optimal performance.
  2. Providing mutual assistance, motivation and collaboration in accomplishing tasks.
  3. Giving mutual respect along with openness towards criticism and suggestion and resolving issues through deliberation for consensus.
  4. Acting in an honest and polite manner.
  5. Communicating all new ideas and sharing knowledge and skills.
  6. Taking initiative and developing competence in performing tasks.
  7. Having the bravery to discuss ineffective policies in order to make constructive corrections in a polite manner.
  8. Respecting differences in gender, ethnicity, religion, race, and class.
  9. Giving mutual respect and avoiding immoral conduct


2. Confidentiality of Data and Information of the Company

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall utilize Company data and information for all decision making processes in order to increase added value towards the Company in the following manner:

  1. Implementing an adequate data security system.
  2. Only providing relevant and proportional data or information to stakeholders in accordance to regulations in effect with consideration towards Company confidentiality and interests.
  3. Avoiding the distribution of data and/or information to uninvolved parties during or after employment.
  4. Relinquishing all data pertaining to the Company at the end of employment.
  5. Maintaing the confidentiality of Company data and information.


3. Company Assets

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall optimize the utilization of Company assets in the following manner:

  1. Managing Company assets responsibly in accordance with regulations in effect and avoiding utilization of assets outside Company interests.
  2. Protecting the Company assets from damages and losses.


4. Occupational Health, Safety, Security and the Environment

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall heed by occupational health, safety, security and the environment as part of their work culture in order to create a disciplined, safe, reliable, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly work environment by:

  1. Continuously practicing the 5S (Seiri, Seiso, Seiton, Shitsuke, Seiketsu) culture in the work environment.
  2. Mastering and understanding the situation and conditions within their work environment and consistently implementing an occupational health, safety, security and environmental management system.
  3. Reacting swiftly towards emergency situations caused by safety disturbances, accidents, contamination, and natural disasters.


5. Data Recording and Reporting

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall manage data and report them in an orderly, disciplined, accurate, and punctual manner by:

  1. Recording data and compiling reports based on accurate, trustworthy, and accountable sources.
  2. Presenting reports and analysis results in a concise, clear, accurate, and communicative manner to be used in decision-making and as feedback for performance improvement.
  3. Not hide the data and reports that should be submitted.


6. Conflicts of Interest and Abuse of Position

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall avoid any condition, situation or impression leading to conflicts of interest and abuse of position in the following manner:

  1. Abiding by established regulations, systems and procedures.
  2. Holding no shares/ownership in a business partner or competitor to the Company, including through any family member such as husband/wife or child/ child in-law.
  3. Having no businesses directly related to Company activities, including through any family member such as husband/wife or child/child-in-law.
  4. Holding no dual offices and or position of employment in other companies, including any subsidiaries which may lead to conflicts of interest.
  5. Not giving or receiving loans to/from suppliers and customers.


7. Complete Impartiality

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall remain free from the influence and interests of parties outside the Company by:

  1. Acting neutral and refraining from giving special treatment towards certain stakeholders in providing service.
  2. Conducting duties and responsibilities based on applicable laws and regulations/standards/methodological procedures and objective proof found during the work process and in decision making without influence from other interests and parties.
  3. Issuing certificates/reports with accurate and factual data from examination results.


8. Gifts/Gratification and Entertainment

SUCOFINDO Personnel are prohibited from accepting and/ or conferring gifts/gratification/entertainment in any form pertaining to their position and duty/task, except in the following manner:

  1. Receiving or sending an invitation to dining in general to maintain good relations with stakeholders for the good of the Company.
  2. Receiving and/or conferring promotional items embellished with Company logo/name within the nominal amount determined by the Board of Directors. Receiving of gifts/entertainment outside the above permitted cases by the Company must be reported through the Gratification Report mechanism.


9. Bribery, Corruption, and Fraud Practices

SUCOFINDO Personnel are prohibited from partaking in any form of bribery, corruption and fraud practices, including:

  1. Conferral of money/gifts/entertainment in any form outside those permitted by the Company.
  2. Falsification or modification of proofs of operations and transactions conducted by the company.
  3. Theft and/or misuse of Company or stakeholder assets for personal interests.
  4. Mark-up practices towards Company operating and transactional costs.
  5. Falsification of accounting records and reports of the Company.
  6. Other crimes as dictated within laws and regulations on corruption and other criminal acts.


10. Gambling, Immoral Acts, Abuse of Narcotics, Drugs

SUCOFINDO Personnel are prohibited from gambling, conducting immoral acts, and using narcotics, prohibited drugs and alcoholic drinks.


11. Political Activities

SUCOFINDO Personnel shall remain neutral by not aligning to any political party/political mass organization by:

  1. Not utilizing Company facilities for the interest of certain groups/political mass organizations / political parties.
  2. Not holding positions within committees of political parties/political mass organizations or legislative bodies.
  3. Not carrying, displaying, wearing, or distributing symbols, images, ornaments, or other attributes linked to political mass organizations/political parties within Company environment.