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Business Ethics Guidelines

1. Company Ethics towards the Employees

SUCOFINDO treats its Employees without discrimination gender, ethnicity, religion and race in all aspects. SUCOFINDO realizes that the Employees have significant role and position in achieving the objectives of the Company. Each Employee is expected to participate and have an active role by improving work productivity through dynamic, harmonious, aligned, and balanced relationship between the Company and Employees. In this regard, the Company:

  1. Giving freedom for the Employees to join union and establish or become a member of Labor Union.
  2. Placing the Labor Union as the partner of the Company.
  3. Establishing the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) as a reference containing work requirements to regulate and protect the rights and obligations of the Employees.
  4. Implementing the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) in a consistent manner.
  5. Ensuring that the Employees know and understand the prevailing CLA.
  6. Protecting the right of Employees to become or not to become the Labor Union members.
  7. Implementing performance-based management and reward to the Employees in a proportionate manner.


2. Company Ethics towards Customers

SUCOFINDO prioritizes the satisfaction and trust of Employees through:

  1. Selling products in accordance with the customers’requirements and established quality standards.
  2. Opening Customer service and following up the complaints of Customers without discrimination to the Customers.
  3. Conducting marketing, among others in the form of sustainable promotion, in a healthy, fair, honest, nonmisleading manner and in line with the acceptable norms for the society.    


3. Company Ethics towards Competitors

SUCOFINDO places Competitors as a source of motivation to improve the performance of the company through:

  1. Conducting market research and research on competitors to obtain an idea to the relative position of the Company among the Competitors in similar industry.
  2. Participating in healthy competition by prioritizing product excellence and quality services.


4. Company Ethics towards Suppliers

SUCOFINDO creates fair and transparent competition climate in goods and services procurement through:

  1. Selecting Suppliers based on ability and achievement.
  2. Conducting payment to Suppliers in a timely manner and with the accurate amount.
  3. Imposing firm sanction to the Suppliers that violate the procurement agreement/contract.
  4. Maintaining good communication with Suppliers, including following up complaints and objections.
  5. Utilizing technology in goods and services procurement.


5. Company Ethics towards Business Partners

SUCOFINDO increases the mutual trust, respect and togetherness with the Business Partners in accordance with prevailing business principles, through:

  1. Conducting risk and benefit analysis before establishing cooperation agreements.
  2. Creating balanced work agreements and in compliance with regulations and procedures.
  3. Prioritizing optimum result achievement in accordance prevailing and the best standard.
  4. Developing intense communication with Business Partners to reach the best solution in performance improvement.


6. Company Ethics towards Creditors/Investors

SUCOFINDO accepts loans/capital investment that are aimed for business interest and improvement of added value of the Company through:

  1. Conducting risk and benefit analysis before establishing cooperation agreements.
  2. Providing actual and prospective information for potential Creditors/Investors by taking into account the prudent principle.
  3. Selecting Creditors/Investors based on bona fide credibility that can be held accountable.
  4. Receiving loans/investment that are bound to valid agreement with an agreement clause prioritizing fairness principles.
  5. Providing information in an open manner on the utilization of funds to increase the trust of Creditors/Investors.
  6. Pursuing business opportunities with Creditors/Investors by improving the growth of the Company.


7. Company’s Ethics towards the Government

SUCOFINDO is committed to establish a good relationship with the Government through:

  1. Developing good relationship and communication with the Central Government and Regional Government.
  2. Implementing best practices and performance standards by taking into consideration the prevailing laws and regulations through Good Corporate Governance, risk management, product quality, security, health, safety, environment and service.
  3. Preventing criminal acts in accordance with the prevailing laws and legal principles.


8. Company Ethics towards the Community

SUCOFINDO realizes its social responsibility through carrying out social community programs or other social programs through empowerment of the potential of the surrounding Community as well as enhancing the living quality of other stakeholders through the synergy in related Government’s programs, among others through:

  1. Socializing the Company’s programs that are relevant with the social and Community needs in the surrounding of work location.
  2. Providing opportunities within to a certain extent to the Community interested in knowing the activities of thenCompany and involving certain members of the Company in the event or promotional activities of the Company.
  3. Optimizing the Company’s assistance to the Community in accordance with applicable policies and corporate social responsibility of the Company.
  4. Prohibiting the Employees from making promises to the Community outside of their authorities or the scope of the Company’s programs in effect.
  5. Refraining from taking discriminative actions towards gender, ethnicity, religion, race and class.
  6. Conducting risk and benefit analysis from the social or community program that has been performed.


9. Company Ethics towards Mass Media

SUCOFINDO considers the Mass Media as a partner and promotional tool to build positive image through:

  1. Providing relevant and balanced information to the Mass Medi
  2. Accepting and following up constructive criticism conveyed through Mass Media by taking into account the risk and cost aspects.
  3. Inviting the Mass Media to publicize (expose) the Company’s activities and achievements of the Company within agreed limitation.


10. Company Ethics towards Professional Organizations

SUCOFINDO establishes good and sustainable cooperation with professional organizations to obtain information on business development, business opportunity, and resolution of potential issues through:

  1. Implementing standards established by professional organizations.
  2. Giving equal treatment to professional organizations.


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