Board of Directors Profile

Bachder Djohan BuddinPresident Director

Mr. Bachder Djohan Buddin completed his Bachelor degree in the Faculty of Architectural Engineering in Hasanuddin Univesity in 1982, and completed his Master degree in Management from the same university in 2001. Previously, he served as the President Director of PT Kawasan Industri Makassar (KIMA) since 2007 until 2014. He is also active in various national organizations, among others, as the Chairman of DPD INKINDO of South Sulawesi (1998 – 2002), the Board of Advisor of South Sulawesi KADIN (2003 – 2007), Vice Chairman of the National Construction
Services Development (LPJKN) Jakarta (2007 – 2011), Deputy of the Standing Committee in KADIN Indonesia (2009 – 2014), and the Chairman of Standing Committee of Development Coordination of Investment, SDA & UKM of Center Region Coordinator Sector in Central KADIN Jakarta (2015 –2020)

M. Haris WitjaksonoDirector of Commercial II

Mr. M. Haris Witjaksono completed his education at the Department of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural Institute in 1991. He began joining Sucofindo in 1992 as a LRE Auditor (Export Relations Report). He held a key position as VP of SBU Forestry, Fisheries and Environment, then became Head of SBU Government, Assistant SBU Government II, then became SUCOFINDO-SI Operational Cooperation (KSO) Head and was appointed as Commercial Director 2 starting on 8 March 2018.

Budi HartantoDirector of Finance and Risk Management

Mr Budi Hartanto completed his education in the Department of Statistics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (MIPA), Padjadjaran University in 1992 and obtained Master’s degree from the Management and Business Department of IPB in 2014. He started to join SUCOFINDO in 1992 as auditor at Internal Control Unit (SPI). After that, he served as Senior Manager of Business of SBU Industrial & Consumer Product (2002), Head of Accounting Division (2009), Head of General Affairs Division (2012), and Head of Finance and Accounting Division (2014). 

Rozainbahri NoorDirector of Human Resource

Rozainbahri Noor completed a diploma program at the KKI College of Victoria (Australia International Academy), then took a strata program at the Swinburne Academy, and then a master's program at the Australian National University. 

Previously he worked at PT. Shell Indonesia, as HR Analyst, HR Policy Benefit, ER / IR, and Prossesed Lead, Pay Policy & Banchmarking (Asia Pacific), and finally as Country HR Manager. He was appointed HR Director of PT. Sucofindo began on March 8, 2018. He has received awards three times, given by the Royal Dutch Shell EVP HR Award.