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  • Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu Kav. 34, Jakarta, Indonesia 12780

A Brief History of Sucofindo

PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as SUCOFINDO) is a State-Owned Business company that was established between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia with SGS, the largest inspection company in the world which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

SUCOFINDO was established on October 22, 1956, based on the Notarial Deed Number 42, drawn up by Johan Arifin Lumban Tobing Sutan Arifin. Initially, SUCOFINDO focused on Inspection and Supervision services in the trading sector, especially in agriculture commodities, as well as assisted the government in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and securing the foreign exchange in export-import trade. Along with the development of needs in business, SUCOFINDO takes creative and innovative steps as well as offers other relevant services.

A number of new services are offered by SUCOFINDO, such as warehousing and forwarding, analytical laboratories, industry and marine engineering, and fumigation and industrial hygiene. The diversity of SUCOFINDO services is presented in an integrated manner. It is supported by professional experts in their respective fields, strategic business partnerships with several international institutions as well as a network of laboratories, branch offices, and service points spread across cities in Indonesia which provide added value to the services provided by SUCOFINDO.

SUCOFINDO at present has developed its services in the business sector of inspection and audit, assessment and analysis, certification, consultation, and training in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Mining (Oil and Gas, and Non – Oil, and Gas), Construction, Processing Industry, Marine, Fishery, Government, Transportation, Informatics System, and Renewable Energy.

The competence and experience of SUCOFINDO are indubitable. In 2017, SUCOFINDO is expected to develop a world-class-oriented business with the support of high work culture, competence development through knowledge management, and innovative service development. After going through a long journey, SUCOFINDO is determined to continue to be the leading and the largest inspection company in Indonesia through its vision and mission.